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And thanks to Kevin and Tyler for inviting us to be a part of the Tavern Voices scene.  In the words of the Stoic philosopher Minnie Pearl, we’re just so proud to be here.

Enquiring Minds is a new news entity, based in Asheville, that grew out of my reporting for Asheville Unreported, a blog that was started in 2016 to provide our city with information that was of vital local importance, yet was receiving scant if any attention from local mainstream media, with much of what actually saw the light of day being apparently spun to fit a narrative furnished by the city itself.  (We’ve archived a sampling of AU articles herein.  Check them out; you’ll get the idea.)

That little blog achieved more than 2,000 “likes” in its first few months, with some of our stories getting more than 10,000 hits; by last December we had logged more than 50,000 visitors.  At that point Kevin invited me to depart Asheville Unreported (which is dormant but still alive) and join forces with Tavern Voices in a symbiotic arrangement that would give Enquiring Minds access to a statewide audience and provide TV’s readers with news of what’s happening back here in the West – which, increasingly, has come to reflect and in many cases influence what happens in the rest of the state.

For example:  Here are some of the things we’ll be reporting on in January and February:

  • “Room at the Trough”: A thumbnail guide to City of Asheville cronyism, nepotism, and favoritism.
  • “Horsing Around with County Money”: How Buncombe County justified spending half a million dollars on advertising for an elite sporting event forty miles away.
  • “The Imperial City Government”: From eminent domain to short-term rental bans to form-based building code … how the city can tell you what to do with your property.
  • “Asheville Affordable Housing: The Cruelest Oxymoron.”

… And more, much more.

Grab your lantern and come with us into the darkened streets, looking for honesty and truth.  We may catch only fleeting glimpses of it, but the journey, we hope, will be rewarding.


Roger McCredie, Publisher

Enquiring Minds

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