Trump’s Budget Makes No Sense

President Donald Trump is seeking a 10% increase in military spending in his new budget.  A proposal that is both sticking to and deviating from his promises on the campaign trail,

President Donald Trump is seeking what he called a “historic” increase in defense spending, but ran into immediate opposition from Republicans in Congress who must approve his plan and said it was not enough to meet the military’s needs.

The proposed rise in the Pentagon budget to $603 billion comes as the United States has wound down major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and remains the world’s strongest military power.

Trump has previously stated he doesn’t want to raise taxes nor does he want to mess with entitlements.  This leaves other discretionary programs as the only place left to find the extra money and Trump has said those cuts will be used to offset defense increases.  Herein lies the problem.

There is little doubt in my mind that we have a long way to go before we reach anything resembling efficiency in most government programs.  However, sequestration has caused across the board cuts in most of the programs that Trump is looking at cutting and I have little doubt they can handle a lot more. What concerns me, though, is his increase in defense spending.  While it is true, that some areas of the military are reaching historic lows.  That reality does not apply to funding.  In fact, a recent report uncovered by the Washington Post in December found that the defense department could be one of the least efficient government programs…

The Pentagon has buried an internal study that exposed $125 billion in administrative waste in its business operations amid fears Congress would use the findings as an excuse to slash the defense budget, according to interviews and confidential memos obtained by The Washington Post.

Pentagon leaders had requested the study to help make their enormous back-office bureaucracy more efficient and reinvest any savings in combat power. But after the project documented far more wasteful spending than expected, senior defense officials moved swiftly to kill it by discrediting and suppressing the results.

Why in the world is Donald Trump rewarding this abuse of taxpayer money?  I understand Donald Trump has talked about rebuilding our military and bringing it back to prominence.  However, he also has promised to cut the waste, fraud, and abuse that is rampant in so many government programs.  Trump could have cut the abuse AND reallocated that money to train and recruit more soldiers and it wouldn’t have cost a dime.

Most conservatives and republicans want our military to be strong and our government operating as efficiently as possible.  President Trump could have accomplished both of these wishes at once.  Instead, he chose the popular route.  More government spending with little to no accountability.  The military can be just as wasteful as every other part of government.  It’s time Republican politicians were courageous enough to admit it.

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