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Green Protestors Call Out Cooper

Gov. Roy Cooper hadn’t finished his opening remarks at the Climate Change Interagency Council meeting before noisy protesters decried his position on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 

Cooper Appoints Two More Judges

Gov. Roy Cooper announced Monday that he has chosen the top lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union in North Carolina and the Democratic governor’s chief prison administrator to fill two vacancies on the state Court of Appeals.

Another Vacancy, Another Cooper Appointment

A veteran jurist on North Carolina’s appeals courts is returning to private law practice with his age-mandated departure from the bench.

Cooper Now Backs Redistricting Commission

The Supreme Court will soon hear arguments over whether politicians can be trusted to draw up their own districts.

Cooper’s Pipeline Problems Continue

Gov. Roy Cooper intervened with Duke Energy on behalf of a solar energy company that previously paid him rent for Nash County land – and still rents from his brother – and considered the dispute resolution as a “possible Atlantic ...

Cooper Releases Budget Proposal

Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday rolled out his $25.2 billion budget proposal for the coming year, saying it provides “visionary investments” in education, health care and infrastructure.

Cooper Says Show Me The Money With New Budget

North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper wants to borrow twice as much as state House Republicans do in a construction bond referendum that’s part of his two-year budget.
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Ep. 24 – Uselessness of College

Is Trump just trying to be Obama? Does the media actually love Trump? Can Ray Cooper control the weather? Will one of our hosts be the next President of the UNC System? Kevin and Tyler tackle these tough questions and ...
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Lawsuit Update

Democrats went 0-2 yesterday in court in an attempt to get a temporary restraining order like they did on Tuesday.  Chris Anglin on Tuesday successfully convinced a judge to issue a TRO in his challenge to a recently passed law.  The Democrats yesterday, ...
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You Get A Lawsuit And You Get A Lawsuit…

Lawsuits where abound in Raleigh yesterday in response to The General Assembly’s overrides of two vetos from Governor Cooper last week.  First up we have the NAACP and Clean Air Carolina suing over 4 of the 6 constitutional amendments…http://bit.ly/2vKpib9 The ...