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MIKE LONG: Education establishment: You’re still not listening

Fall began but a few days ago. The traditional calendar school year is officially underway for North Carolina families, many nearing one full month of instruction to kick off the school year. As sure as people travel to Western North ...

Making it Rain for School Supplies

The state would bypass local school districts and give each N.C. public school teacher access to $400 for classroom supplies under a bill unveiled Wednesday, April 3.

Houses Passes School Construction Bond

The House K-12 Education committee OK’d the statewide school construction bond bill, but questioned the formula used to decide how much each county would get for school construction.

Wake County Vows To Protect Illegals

Wake County school leaders are reassuring undocumented students and their families that their constitutionally guaranteed right to get an education will be protected in the face of increased immigration arrests.
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MORNING CALL: Bond, Education Bond

Republicans seem to be having a change a heart about a possible 2 billion dollar education bond. In 2017, lawmakers tried and failed to pass a 1.9 billion dollar bond that would help the k-12 education system. When teachers marched ...
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Education Reform & Resignations

NEW PLAN: Last week, Superintendent Mark Johnson announced a reorganization of the state Department of Public Instruction.  Yesterday he unveiled his plans…http://bit.ly/2KnYe6T As part of the reorganization, Johnson announced that there will now be four deputy superintendents, instead of just one, ...
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Show Me The Money

North Carolina school districts are taking the state to court… In 2008, Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning ordered the state to turn over $747.9 million in civil fines that should have been given to public schools over a ...
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Ep 13. – Podcasts on Cocaine

Would the government pay for a podcast on drugs? Is the best path to getting rich through public service? Did Trump finally manage to upset everyone at once? Kevin and Tyler tackle these tough issues, and more, on this episode ...