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Green Protestors Call Out Cooper

Gov. Roy Cooper hadn’t finished his opening remarks at the Climate Change Interagency Council meeting before noisy protesters decried his position on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 

Teachers To March Again In May

North Carolina’s largest teacher-lobbying group will organize another march and rally this spring to seek higher school salaries and funding from the General Assembly.
PodcastTavern Voices

Ep. 21 – Probably Unemployed

What does the latest polling in North Carolina tell us about the upcoming elections? Do vandals need refresher courses? Should we eliminate our electoral process? Kevin and Tyler tackle these tough questions and more on Tavern Voices. Show Articles: How ...
Kevin King

Students, Embrace Your Rights. All of Them.

Today, thousands upon thousands of students are exercising their rights in a protest. Fully embracing the First Amendment, they are learning the power of speech, assembly, and petition. While some are admonishing them based on the content of their protest, ...