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Episode 8 – Life Behind the Mic

Tyler Cralle joins Kevin to discuss what life is like behind a talk radio microphone. Bringing a decade of experience to the discussion, Tyler gives his thoughts on creating fresh content, catering to your audience, and much more. Guest Bio: Growing ...
Kevin King ShowPodcast

Episode 6 – Can Media Be Unbiased?

On this episode, Kevin sits down with Matthew Oakley once again to discuss modern journalism. Is it possible for media outlets to be unbiased, or is that just a pie in the sky idea? From Brokaw to Breitbart, they discuss ...
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Episode 5 – Buckley & Budgets

Who’s more trendy, Karl or Groucho? When will the Tavern Voices book club begin? Is Fox News state-run television? Kevin King and Tyler Cralle answer these questions and more on Tavern Voices. Kevin and Tyler also tackle Gov. Cooper’s cabinet ...
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Episode 3 – Defining the Fourth Estate

In this episode, Kevin talks with nationally syndicated journalist and podcaster, Matthew Oakley about the current state of the media. What role does the media have as the Fourth Estate, and are they living up to their calling? Guest Profile: ...
Kevin King ShowPodcast

The Kevin King Show: Episode 1

In this pilot broadcast, Kevin discusses why this show is much needed, as well as the direction it will go. Subscribe Now: