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Episode 5 – Are Guns the Problem?

Ron Holmes joins Kevin for another episode. This time, they discuss¬†whether guns are to blame for mass violence, or if there’s another root to the problem. Maybe it’s a people problem? They also ask, is the Second Amendment still relevent? ...
PodcastTavern Voices

Episode 4 – Sweet Tea and Communism

On this episode, Tyler admits he talks about things he doesn’t know about, Kevin’s accent gets worse, and they both talk in circles about gun control.¬†Is Tyler a Communist? Should you trust people born where there’s no sweet tea? Find ...
PodcastTavern Voices

Episode 3 – Not The Tyler Cralle After Hours Show

On this episode of Tavern Voices, Kevin King and Tyler Cralle discuss why it’s not the Tyler Cralle After Hours show and Kevin’s inability to shoot clays, while simultaneously tackling Roy Cooper’s slush fund, the debate over K-5 classroom size, ...