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ANDY JACKSON: Common Cause brief exposes their partisan intent

Not satisfied with the results of court-ordered redistricting on September 17, a national progressive group is trying to force a redrawing of some of North Carolina’s legislative districts further in favor of Democrats. Common Cause, a national progressive organization whose major donors include George ...

Maps Challenged Again

Defendants in Common Cause v. Lewis spurned plaintiffs’ objections to their new 2020 House election maps, claiming the objections “appear to be the product of the partisan goals of the North Carolina Democratic Party.” Plaintiffs last week accused House Republicans of partisan bias in ...

Democrats Tell Courts To Reject New Maps

North Carolina’s 2020 election maps created by House members may not stand up to court scrutiny. That’s what plaintiffs in Common Cause v. Lewis argue in a brief they filed Friday, Sept. 27, in Superior Court. Plaintiffs found partisan bias in five ...

SCOTUS Takes Up NC Gerrymandering Tuesday

The U.S. Supreme Court takes up those questions Tuesday, returning to an issue that the justices have so far found impossible to answer. Political reformers hope the court will issue a ruling that could change the future of American politics, by ...

Cooper Now Backs Redistricting Commission

The Supreme Court will soon hear arguments over whether politicians can be trusted to draw up their own districts.

HOOD: Conservatives Should Favor Redistricting Reform

In the twilight of his political career, Ronald Reagan made the media rounds to discuss his administration, legacy, and unfinished business. During several of these interviews, Reagan went out of his way to criticize the longtime practice of gerrymandering electoral ...
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Ep 19 – Almost Live

Do Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have the same trade policies? Does Google hate Trump? Will the courts let voters vote in November? Will UNC put up a statue of Tyler Cralle? Kevin and Tyler tackle these tough questions and ...
Kevin King

North Carolina and America’s Redistricting Problem

The battle continues to loom over North Carolina’s redistricting process. In the most recent chapter of the saga, a federal three-judge panel struck down NC’s congressional maps as a product of political gerrymandering. After being thrown out though, there isn’t ...
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No Delay on Judicial Ruling

This is not surprising.  These judges wanted to send a message and delaying the ruling delays the message… The judges who struck down North Carolina’s congressional map for excessive partisanship that favored Republicans refused Tuesday to delay their order telling ...
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The Bravery of the Wilmington Star News

One of my all-time favorite quotes is from tennis player Vitas Gerulatis.  After losing 16 matches in a row to Jimmy Connors Gerulatis finally picked up a W.  In the post-match press conference Gerultais confidently said, “Let that be a lesson ...