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BlogTyler Cralle

Taxes & The Economy

The big battle between the GOP and the Democrats on both the national and state level continues to be are tax cuts good or are they bad.  A new study may provide actual data to help move this debate along.  ...
BlogTyler Cralle

Fiscal Responsibility

John Hood wrote a great piece that the Wilmington Star News actually published (I know!).  It explained how great of a position North Carolina is in financially… North Carolina’s leaders have proven to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars. A ...
PodcastTavern Voices

Episode 8 – Rockefeller’s Toyota Corolla

The streak is back with two epsidoes in a row. Tyler and Kevin ask big questions like, are Republicans and Democrats just crony capitalists? Is wealth relative? And what Disney Princess are you? Find this out and more on this ...
BlogKevin King

Cooper wants your taxes higher

As if Governor Cooper couldn’t get more out of touch with the average North Carolinian, he took one more stab at it. This time taking aim at the take-home pay of the average hard working taxpayer. “Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper ...

Renounce City’s Vote to Drop References to Australia Day

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Leading Article: A Better Way to Educate Primary School Children

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Physiological Responses to Rock Climbing in Young Climbers

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Kevin King

Target’s Billion Dollar Gamble on HB2

Much has been said about the economic impact of the bill formerly known as HB2 on North Carolina. Businesses turned away, the NCAA drew a line in the sand, and all was a disaster. Or so that’s how it was ...
BlogTyler Cralle

Liberal Group TRIES to Trash GOP Recovery

Another work week, another liberal attempt to smear the Carolina Comeback that the GOP has been leading since 2011.  Enter the  NC Budget & Tax Center: North Carolina’s economy is not creating the jobs needed to keep up with the ...
Kevin King

College is Crippling America

College attendance used to be synonymous with success. “Go to college and you’ll be set for life” they would say. Entering undergrad in fall of 2006, this was as true as ever, or so we were told. Four years later, ...