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More Protections For The Accused

A bill introduced by a North Carolina lawmaker on Thursday would add legal protections for UNC system students who are accused of sexual misconduct. It also would standardize disciplinary proceedings for students at all 16 university campuses.
Kevin King

Skyrocketing Cost of the UNC System

If you’re looking for a place to get a college degree, you’d be hard pressed to find a state system better than that of North Carolina. The University of North Carolina system carries the prestige of 17 campuses. Whether you’re ...
BlogTyler Cralle

Censorship Spreads

Conservatives favorite saying when it comes to college students is usually something along the lines of “wait till they get to the real world.”  This is usually in reference to the insane babying that happens on college campuses by bureaucrats who ...
BlogKevin King

Are Parent & Student Loans the Next Bubble?

For a few years now, I’ve been adamantly drawing attention to the student loan/debt pile that is mounting in our nation. In fact, I’ve dedicated the last year of my graduate schooling to looking at this effect on North Carolina ...
BlogKevin King

Making Universities Earn Their Funding

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on how some states are moving to fund universities based off of their performance. Taking a page from cash-strapped parents, states are increasingly telling their public universities to prove they’re worth the investment. The ...
Kevin King

College is Crippling America

College attendance used to be synonymous with success. “Go to college and you’ll be set for life” they would say. Entering undergrad in fall of 2006, this was as true as ever, or so we were told. Four years later, ...