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NCDOT Running On Fumes

The N.C. Department of Transportation is running out of gas.  NCDOT depleted its budget in 2019, a new report shows, leaving top members of the N.C. General Assembly to question how, and why, the department failed to pump the brakes ...

One Is The Loneliest Number

If there’s an October surprise at the North Carolina legislature this month, it won’t be a budget veto override vote in the Senate. The surprise budget override vote in the House on Sept. 11 when many Democrats were absent drew ...

Cooper Releases Budget Proposal

Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday rolled out his $25.2 billion budget proposal for the coming year, saying it provides “visionary investments” in education, health care and infrastructure.

Cooper Says Show Me The Money With New Budget

North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper wants to borrow twice as much as state House Republicans do in a construction bond referendum that’s part of his two-year budget.
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Defense Budget Is Making It Rain

President Donald Trump signed a $716 billion dollar defense budget yesterday that contains so much money I’m surprised he wasn’t throwing hundos at the audience just for fun.  The bill represented a 16 billion dollar increase in new money flowing to the Pentagon. ...
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Show Me The Money

North Carolina school districts are taking the state to court… In 2008, Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning ordered the state to turn over $747.9 million in civil fines that should have been given to public schools over a ...
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Boondoggle 2.0

Transit Contract Causes 2nd Overrun in a Month; City Dips into Rainy-Day Fund “Time flies when you’re having funds.” – Cecil Bothwell to Asheville Unreported, June 27, 2017 At its July 25 meeting, Asheville City Council voted unanimously to dip ...
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The Entitlement Myth

Many of President Donald Trump’s supporters are outraged about the budget debate currently happening within the GOP right now, Mr. Trump’s budget blueprint — which is expected to be central to his address to Congress on Tuesday night — sets ...

Trump’s Budget Makes No Sense

President Donald Trump is seeking a 10% increase in military spending in his new budget.  A proposal that is both sticking to and deviating from his promises on the campaign trail, President Donald Trump is seeking what he called a ...