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Thom Goolsby Talks Board Of Governor’s Controversy

Senator Thom Goolsby joined me on my radio show this morning to talk about the recent controversy surrounding the Board of Governors and a planned partnership between UNC Health Care and Carolinas HealthCare Systems.  He argued he had similar concerns that were raised by fellow board member, Tom Fetzer, about the legality and possible consequences of this major and the role that the board should be playing in it.

Some quick background on the issue: 

On Thursday Tom Fetzer sent an email to UNC System President, Margaret Spelling and Board Chairman,Louis Bissette, questioning the legality of the merger…To my knowledge, no members of the BOG that I’m aware of were informed of this proposed merger until a few days before it was made public.  In my opinion, this begs the reasonable question: were relevant North Carolina statutes followed during the period, which many have described as being the better part of a year, in which this proposed merger was being planned?…READ EMAIL

Some board members responded on Friday to this email:

Leo Daughtry Believed that UNC Health Care had met its legal obligation and didn’t understand why Fetzer had singled Spelling out: “I don’t know why he would single her out,” Daughtry said. “I don’t know whether Tom doesn’t like her or has a personal problem with her.”

Board Chairman Lou Bissette notified Fetzer on Friday that they were concerned about his conflict of interest: We are responding to your email because we are concerned about your potential conflicts under the North Carolina State Ethics Act. As you know, the Ethics Act requires you, as a member of the Board, to identify potential conflicts, disclose them, and then refrain from participating in any official action relating to a conflict, which includes any verbal or written action in furtherance of official action.


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