The Road to Socialism

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A new Gallup poll on Monday found that Democrats were more positive about socialism than capitalism.  Attitudes toward socialism among Democrats have not really changed since 2010, with 57% today having a positive view. The major change among Democrats has been a drop in capitalism, falling to 47% from 53% in 2010.

Why is the is happening?  Miseducation is one theory.  Kevin Williamson wrote last week that when many liberals say socialism they really mean welfare state…

“The American Left doesn’t seem to follow very closely the Nordic states it claims to admire. Beginning in 1991, Sweden embarked on a decades-long campaign of privatization and reform that made the scholars at the Heritage Foundation envious. It sold off state-owned enterprises and interests in the liquor, pharmaceutical, and banking sectors, expanded private alternatives in health-care and retirement programs, eliminated state monopolies in pharmacies and vehicle inspections, and much more. This began under a center-right government and continued with a reduced scope under the Social Democrats, who stopped short of privatizing the Swedish postal service and state-run utilities. Denmark is a country with a long history of free trade, strong property rights, and liberal labor markets. Most of the Nordic states have no legislated minimum wage; as in the case of Switzerland, they generally rely on industry-by-industry labor agreements that vary greatly by sector. They are different in many important ways from the American model, but they are not socialist.”

Williamson argues that the driving force for socialism, and some aspects of the populism on the right, is risk aversion.  People are concerned about their future and therefore are missing the amazing life they have right now.  People are living better now than we ever have in human history.  This lack of historical context is clearing causing major problems and if we don’t fix it those problems are only going to get worse.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Margaret Thatcher once famously said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”  That’s as true today as it was then…

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