Kevin King

Students, Embrace Your Rights. All of Them.


Today, thousands upon thousands of students are exercising their rights in a protest. Fully embracing the First Amendment, they are learning the power of speech, assembly, and petition. While some are admonishing them based on the content of their protest, I for one applaud what they are doing. In fact, they need to take it one step further.

As people discourage their protest based on the merit, students should see how important the First Amendment is. Freedoms should never be based on the approval of the masses. The Founders knew how easily discussion and debate could be stifled by those who disagree, which is why they enshrined that freedom in the Bill of Rights. Students should continue through the Bill of Rights with that same eager embrace.

The Second Amendment, which is essentially the center of the protest, should be viewed with the same reverence. In case government became oppressive, such as dictating what you’re allowed to protest, it was the duty of the people to enforce their rights. Just as it is the student’s right to protest, it is another citizen’s right to bear arms. In fact, those rights heavily depend upon each other. With no defense, all other rights are subject to the majority, not the protection of the minority.

Students, as you march today, I truly applaud your right to do so. Billions of people around this world have little to no rights, including the ability to protest, petition, assemble freely, or even speak their minds. Know that you are blessed with a unique ability, an ability that was fought for by a rag-tag militia of everyday gun owners. Don’t just stop at exercising the First Amendment, exercise them all. Every last one. That’s what makes the American experiment unique. If you don’t embrace every last right, then why have them at all?

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