Tyler Cralle

Stein Already Embarrassing North Carolina

It didn’t take long for Josh Stein to embarrass the state he calls home. Just over a month after being sworn in as Attorney General Stein has decided to join 16 other states in opposition to Trump’s travel ban.  Stein, being the non-thinking loyal Democrat he is, decided to interpret Trump’s latest EO as a religious ban,

“North Carolina has an interest because America was founded on religious liberty, and this ban violates fundamental norms of religious discrimination,” state Attorney General Josh Stein told reporters Tuesday morning. “The ban, frankly, undermines our security by signaling to the world that we somehow think all Muslims are terrorists, when of course that’s not the case.”

I would have thought having been the protege for the single worst person to ever hold elected office in North Carolina would have been embarrassing enough.  However, it seems Stein wants to double down on stupid.  The path taken by Governor Roy Cooper seems to have found its successor.  Instead of basing his decision on law and precedent.  Stein has decided to politicize the office once again at the expense of the North Carolina taxpayer.  Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m surprised, but I can say I’m embarrassed.

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