Tyler Cralle

Tyler Cralle is a founder and contributing editor of Tavern Voices.

MORNING CALL: A Kinder, Gentler GOP

The new General Assembly in 2019 will not only look different, but it could also act differently. The N&O's Colin Campbell noticed the lack of fireworks during the recent lame-duck session, "Their lame-duck session has been lacking the fireworks I’d expected in the last hurrah of veto-proof GOP rule. The main agenda item was voter ID. And with a...

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“Real Americans”

Emily Badger at the New York Times is reporting on the controversy surrounding legislation being pushed by Republicans in a lame duck session in Wisconsin. She highlighted the main argument being made by the Republicans, "State legislators are the closest to those we represent,” Scott Fitzgerald, the majority leader in the Wisconsin Senate, said in a statement after Republicans voted on the...

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MORNING CALL: The Saga Continues

Some big developments this weekend in the 9th district. On Friday afternoon, Congressman-elect Mark Harris announced on Twitter that he would be open to a new race if election fraud was, in fact, found in the 9th district race... http://bit.ly/2EeYExl Early Friday night, The vice chairman of the Bladen County Board of Elections, Jens Lutz, has resigned his position, Jens Lutz confirmed...

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Countdown to Shutdown

We have a countdown to a showdown to a avoid a shutdown in Washington. Yesterday, Congress sent President Trump a short-term spending bill to move back the deadline for a partial government shutdown, setting up a big fight over the border wall just before Christmas. The legislation sets a new deadline of Dec. 21. Without the short-term bill, the spending deadline...

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MORNING CALL: Unconceding

Dan McCready, the 9th district Democratic congressional candidate, has officially retracted his concession, "I didn’t serve overseas in the Marines just to come home to N.C. and watch a criminal, bankrolled by my opponent, take away people’s very right to vote,” McCready said. “Today I withdraw my concession and call on Mark Harris to end his silence and...

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Consumption Vs Production

The surprise surge of Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders on both sides of the political aisle gave credence to a growing movement in America. President Trump & Bernie Sanders both made an economic pitch to "forgotten Americans" who feel they are being left behind in the current economy. A new book from Oren Cass called "The Once and Future Worker: A Vision for...

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