Episode 6 – Can Media Be Unbiased?

On this episode, Kevin sits down with Matthew Oakley once again to discuss modern journalism. Is it possible for media outlets to be unbiased, or is that just a pie in the sky idea? From Brokaw to Breitbart, they discuss the changes, and challenges, through the decades. Guest Profile: Matthew Oakley is a podcaster and writer whose articles...

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Episode 6 – Tariffs & Bumble Guns

Does Tyler talk to women? Does Kevin understand economics? Will the podcast tariff kill Tavern Voices? On the 20th anniversary of The Big Lebowski, The Dudes Abide. Kevin and Tyler also tackle Bumble's new anti-gun policy, sexual misconduct in NC, Trump's lack of history knowledge, and other less important things.

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Episode 5 – Buckley & Budgets

Who’s more trendy, Karl or Groucho? When will the Tavern Voices book club begin? Is Fox News state-run television? Kevin King and Tyler Cralle answer these questions and more on Tavern Voices. Kevin and Tyler also tackle Gov. Cooper’s cabinet raises, media bias, a loss of debate culture, and other less important things. We dedicate this show to...

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Episode 4 – Star Wars and Politics

On this episode, Kevin sits down with Stars Wars expert and political commentator Stephen Kent. What do you think about the geopolitical undertones of the Star Wars franchise? People see the same movie, but see different messages. Dive through the philosophy of George Lucas as Stephen lays down some serious knowledge. Guest Bio Stephen Kent is the host of the...

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Episode 2 – Situational Preparedness

On this episode, Kevin speaks with tactical trainer Ron Holmes of RYKER USA. Ron gives us tips on how to be prepared in everyday situations. With mass shootings, natural disasters, and other external threats prevalent, being ready is an essential skillset. Take a listen to hear simple things you can do to be prepared. Show links: Instructor One...

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