North Carolina

Lots of BS With NCBOE

A lot more is happening with the State Board of Elections besides just some craziness in the 9th district. On Saturday, the chairman of the North Carolina State Board of Elections, Andy Penry,  announced he is resigning... This all started last week when Wake County GOP Chairman Charles Hellwig filed a complaint against Penry.  Hellwig Cited a state law...

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Magic Number 9

In a shocking move earlier this week, the State Board of Elections chose to not certify the results from the 9th congressional district race. Since then it has been a guessing game as it to what is going. Even the Bladen county BOE chairman doesn't know what is going on. Chairman Bobby Ludlum told WECT, "I have no...

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MORNING CALL: Doubling Down

Two weeks ago, capitalists and socialists united against New York City offering incentives to Amazon for their HQ2 scam.  Apparently, North Carolina lawmakers saw that and had the idea to replicate it. The Senate Finance Committee has approved Senate Bill 820, which would raise the amount of corporate handouts to large companies considering moving their headquarters to North Carolina...

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Brace Yourself, 2020 Is Coming

Now that 2018 is over we can focus on what really matters, 2020. A new poll from Civitas says North Carolina is shaping up to be a swing state...again.  When participants were asked who they would support 35% said President Trump, 36% said whoever the Democrat nominee is, and 21% said it depends on who the Democrats nominate... It's clear that...

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MORNING CALL: “They Stole It”

In the lead of to the 2016 election the media was outraged that candidate Donald Trump was warning voters of a "rigged" system. They seem less concerned about Senator Sherrod Brown's stolen election comments. Senator Sherrod Brown said Wednesday, “If Stacey Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, they stole it,” the Ohio Democrat said. “It’s clear. It’s clear. I...

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Nothstine Talks Urban-Rural Divide

Ray Nothstine, editor at The Civitas Institute, joined Tyler this morning on his radio show to talk about his latest article that debates whether or not conservatism can survive the growing divide between urban and rural America. Can Conservatism Survive the Growing Rural-Urban Divide in North Carolina? I was asked a lot about the potential for an impending “blue...

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Weekend Punditry 8/17/18

TV Front Row w/ Marc Rotterman Panelists: Mitch Kokai Senior Political Analyst for The John Locke Foundation, Rep. Ed Hanes Former State Representative, Morgan Jackson Partner at Nexus Strategies, Ben Ball the News Director for WTKF 107.1 FM Radio NC Spin Panelists: Anna Beavon Gravely Deputy State Director of Americans For Prosperity, Peg O'Connell Healthcare analyst, Chris Fitzsimons Founder and Executive Director of...

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Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

On Wednesday one member of the state ABC Commission, Michael Herring, took his ball and went home. Not only was Herring mad at the audit he was also mad at Cooper.  Herring called the results of the state audit “fictitious.” He saved most of his criticism for Cooper’s lack of support calling it “and injustice to all the...

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