“Over My Dead Body”

On Fox News Sunday, Rudy Giuliani was asked by Chris Wallace if he would let Trump talk to Robert Mueller.  His response, "Over my dead body, but, you know, I could be dead,” Can you blame him?  Giuliani has been criticized pretty soundly for his poor defense of the President.  However, his not allowing President Donald Trump to talk to...

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The Good With The Bad

Yesterday was a quintessential day in Trump world.  Very good news and very bad news. The morning started off great for President Trump as the Wall Street Jornal reported that China was preparing to start opening their market to foreign investment, "China’s top planning agency and senior policy advisers are drafting the replacement for Made in China 2025, President Xi...

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Doubting The Downturn

If you were making investment decisions at lunchtime yesterday, you probably chose wrong.  The Dow closed up 34 points to 24423 after bouncing 619 points from its low to its high point. This continued volatility is clearly having an impact on the markets and business forecasts.  Businesses in the U.S. are less optimistic about the outlook for the coming year than they...

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“Real Americans”

Emily Badger at the New York Times is reporting on the controversy surrounding legislation being pushed by Republicans in a lame duck session in Wisconsin. She highlighted the main argument being made by the Republicans, "State legislators are the closest to those we represent,” Scott Fitzgerald, the majority leader in the Wisconsin Senate, said in a statement after Republicans voted on the...

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Countdown to Shutdown

We have a countdown to a showdown to a avoid a shutdown in Washington. Yesterday, Congress sent President Trump a short-term spending bill to move back the deadline for a partial government shutdown, setting up a big fight over the border wall just before Christmas. The legislation sets a new deadline of Dec. 21. Without the short-term bill, the spending deadline...

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Cass Talks Labor in America

Oren Cass, the author of "The Once and Future Worker," joins Tyler to talk about his new book, why we should focus on production and not consumption, how education, trade, & immigration play a role, the concern of income inequality in the current system, and the big question of which came first cultural decline or economic decline for...

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Consumption Vs Production

The surprise surge of Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders on both sides of the political aisle gave credence to a growing movement in America. President Trump & Bernie Sanders both made an economic pitch to "forgotten Americans" who feel they are being left behind in the current economy. A new book from Oren Cass called "The Once and Future Worker: A Vision for...

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He Loves You, Xi Loves You Not

It was a good day on Wall Street yesterday, as The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 both climbed 1.1%, while U.S. crude oil surged 4% for its biggest one-day gain since June... The Dow surged over 400 before closing the day up around 280.  Some of the pull back could have been caused by some miscommunication between...

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MORNING CALL: Boom Boom Powell

President Trump can't take credit for yesterday's market climb.  All the glory goes to Jerome Powell. Even though Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, offered nothing to dispel market expectations of another rate increase at their December meeting.  He did give hope that the rate hikes may be close to an end. Powell said, "interest rates are 'just below' broad estimates of...

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Live By The Subsidy, Die By The Subsidy

President Donald Trump threatened GM subsidies yesterday after the company announced the shuttering of multiple plants in North America and thousands of layoffs...  Trump tweeted, "We are now looking at cutting all @GM subsidies, including for electric cars. General Motors made a big China bet years ago when they built plants there (and in Mexico) - don’t think that bet...

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