Kevin King

Kevin King is a founder and contributing editor of Tavern Voices.

Facebook: Just Say No

As missiles were launched into Syrian airspace, my Facebook feed once again reminded me exactly how alone I really am in the political sphere. Some were cheering on dropping bombs while others were make strange rationalizations that Trump committing these acts was somehow different than when Obama did so over the previous eight years. Foreign policy experts and...

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Making Universities Earn Their Funding

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on how some states are moving to fund universities based off of their performance. Taking a page from cash-strapped parents, states are increasingly telling their public universities to prove they’re worth the investment. The question is, why has this idea taken so long? As we reported here, university spending is out of...

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How to Protect Yourself from the CIA

In case you've missed the buzz this week, new Wikileaks revelations have unearthed what should be a major national concern. In a drop of more than 8,700 pages of classified documents, Vault 7 as it is known, let us into the secret activities of our own Central Intelligence Agency. What was revealed is extremely unnerving. The CIA has...

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College is Crippling America

College attendance used to be synonymous with success. “Go to college and you’ll be set for life” they would say. Entering undergrad in fall of 2006, this was as true as ever, or so we were told. Four years later, a bleak picture became the reality as the double whammy of a massive recession paired with an influx...

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Student Athletes: A Heel of a Hypocrisy

The University of North Carolina has been entangled in allegations from the NCAA for more than a year now. Charges of misconduct revolve around their athletic programs and twenty years of imaginary classes. Allegedly. Probably. Well, at least strongly probable. Now UNC must await a full-on investigation by the NCAA whose inquiry began Spring of 2015. Citing lack...

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