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Kevin King is a founder and contributing editor of Tavern Voices.

New Report: Higher Salaries for Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently released a report diving into the compensation of administrators in higher education. While not topping the list, North Carolina represented well with quite a few high paid execs. Here are the notable ones from the UNC System: Screenshot taken from We hear so much about evil capitalists...

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Students, Embrace Your Rights. All of Them.

Today, thousands upon thousands of students are exercising their rights in a protest. Fully embracing the First Amendment, they are learning the power of speech, assembly, and petition. While some are admonishing them based on the content of their protest, I for one applaud what they are doing. In fact, they need to take it one step further....

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North Carolina and America’s Redistricting Problem

The battle continues to loom over North Carolina's redistricting process. In the most recent chapter of the saga, a federal three-judge panel struck down NC's congressional maps as a product of political gerrymandering. After being thrown out though, there isn't much direction on how to proceed, leaving things in limbo, ultimately waiting on a decision from SCOTUS. This...

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Cooper wants your taxes higher

As if Governor Cooper couldn't get more out of touch with the average North Carolinian, he took one more stab at it. This time taking aim at the take-home pay of the average hard working taxpayer. "Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper wants North Carolina business leaders to speak up for public education funding by telling the Republican-controlled legislature to...

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Asheville, Durham BABIES-R-US Set to Close

Photo Credit: Google Maps UPDATE: Durham will lose both their TOYS-R-US and BABIES-R-US stores adding to the closures here in North Carolina. Asheville will soon be without their baby supply megastore BABIES-R-US. As part of its financial restructuring, the parent company TOYS-R-US recently announced they are closing 180 stories nationwide. We have now confirmed that this includes the...

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ECU’s new $1.3 Million Dollar Mansion

The N&O reported on a new Chancellor Mansion at East Carolina University. The price tag is $1.3 million, not shabby for a public servant of a public university, right? As Jane Stancill reports: The ECU Foundation has a contract to buy a home about three miles from the Greenville campus. Real estate websites describe the 8,366-square-foot home as having...

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LRU – Lazy River University

This week, an opinion piece in the New York Times went after the new extravagance in Higher Education, lazy rivers. If you follow what I go after here on Tavern Voices, it's the cost of college and the impact it's having on an entire generation. Instead of getting better, universities are becoming even more irresponsible. As James V. Koch...

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Skyrocketing Cost of the UNC System

If you're looking for a place to get a college degree, you'd be hard pressed to find a state system better than that of North Carolina. The University of North Carolina system carries the prestige of 17 campuses. Whether you're looking to UNC-Chapel Hill for liberal arts, North Carolina State University for engineering or science and math, East...

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Celebrating Improbable Liberty

The further you are removed from an event, the more the perspective regarding it changes. These days, we are so many generations removed from the American Revolution that we all truly don't know what we are celebrating on July 4th. Sure there are buzzwords - freedom and liberty, red coats and patriots. We may even watch Mel Gibson...

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