Kevin King Show

Episode 9 – Household Budgeting

On this episode, Kevin is joined by his wife, and blogger extraordinaire, Emma Kathryn to discuss how they handle finances and budgeting. They also give you their tips & tricks on tackling money head-on. Guest Profile: Emma runs the blog where she dicusses everything from home improvements to couponing and life lessons. She's a North Carolina native...

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Episode 8 – Life Behind the Mic

Tyler Cralle joins Kevin to discuss what life is like behind a talk radio microphone. Bringing a decade of experience to the discussion, Tyler gives his thoughts on creating fresh content, catering to your audience, and much more. Guest Bio: Growing up in Bethesda, MD Tyler attended St. John’s High School in Washington D.C. Tyler studied finance at Lynchburg...

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Episode 7 – Romanticizing Socialism

Ibis Valdes joins Kevin on this episode to discuss one-party control of Cuba, the international community's lack of action, and the romanticization of socialism in our generation. Guest Profile: Ibis Valdés is a Young Voices advocate and a graduate of international law and human rights. She is an organizer with Engage Miami, a nonprofit that elevates the youth voice...

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Episode 6 – Can Media Be Unbiased?

On this episode, Kevin sits down with Matthew Oakley once again to discuss modern journalism. Is it possible for media outlets to be unbiased, or is that just a pie in the sky idea? From Brokaw to Breitbart, they discuss the changes, and challenges, through the decades. Guest Profile: Matthew Oakley is a podcaster and writer whose articles...

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Episode 4 – Star Wars and Politics

On this episode, Kevin sits down with Stars Wars expert and political commentator Stephen Kent. What do you think about the geopolitical undertones of the Star Wars franchise? People see the same movie, but see different messages. Dive through the philosophy of George Lucas as Stephen lays down some serious knowledge. Guest Bio Stephen Kent is the host of the...

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Episode 2 – Situational Preparedness

On this episode, Kevin speaks with tactical trainer Ron Holmes of RYKER USA. Ron gives us tips on how to be prepared in everyday situations. With mass shootings, natural disasters, and other external threats prevalent, being ready is an essential skillset. Take a listen to hear simple things you can do to be prepared. Show links: Instructor One...

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