White Talks Consent Order

New Hanover County Commissioner Woody talks with Tyler about his opposition to the consent order focusing on how the order allows Chemours to not admit fault, gives Cape Fear Riverwatch oversight powers instead of DEQ, and why Bladen County residents are taken care of but New Hanover County residents were not

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Cass Talks Labor in America

Oren Cass, the author of "The Once and Future Worker," joins Tyler to talk about his new book, why we should focus on production and not consumption, how education, trade, & immigration play a role, the concern of income inequality in the current system, and the big question of which came first cultural decline or economic decline for...

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Nothstine Talks Urban-Rural Divide

Ray Nothstine, editor at The Civitas Institute, joined Tyler this morning on his radio show to talk about his latest article that debates whether or not conservatism can survive the growing divide between urban and rural America. Can Conservatism Survive the Growing Rural-Urban Divide in North Carolina? I was asked a lot about the potential for an impending “blue...

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