Enquiring Minds

Enquiring Minds is the brain child of Roger McCredie, long-time journalist and creative mind, who now resides in Western North Carolina. It is the goal of Enquiring Minds to take a investigative approach to journalism that's hard to find these days. Stay tuned for a look into the happenings of Asheville City Council and the Buncombe County Commission. Plus a few things in-between.

Stonewalling at the Stoneyard?

Developer’s token donation to housing trust fund is waiting on permits  Two months after City Council approved plans for the River Arts District’s biggest development to date, the project’s developers have not yet made the affordable housing cash contribution that was part of the deal, though the city says the check is in the mail, in a manner...

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Room at the Trough

A Peek at City of Asheville Cronyism, Nepotism, and other Isms. Wherever there is government there are “isms” that tag along behind it like camp followers trailing an army.  These isms describe the various ways in which the crumbs and plums of financial, political, or personal gain that bureaucracy always generates are handed out as rewards or favors....

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Trio of New Development Projects Pushes Asheville’s Boom into New Year

Outside firms eye historic neighborhood, Sears property, smaller shopping center. A rezoning approval in a landmark neighborhood, a radical repurposing of a longtime big box store, and the purchase of an aging shopping center will provide additional thrust to carry Asheville’s headlong development boom well into 2018 and beyond. The three projects have all come onstream in just...

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Welcome to “Enquiring Minds”

And thanks to Kevin and Tyler for inviting us to be a part of the Tavern Voices scene.  In the words of the Stoic philosopher Minnie Pearl, we’re just so proud to be here. Enquiring Minds is a new news entity, based in Asheville, that grew out of my reporting for Asheville Unreported, a blog that was started...

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Developers Calling All the Shots In Asheville’s River Arts District

No Affordable Housing or Living-Wage Jobs offered in Apartment, Hotel Projects Two ambitious development projects have been launched in Asheville’s much-hyped River Arts District, but apparently neither will help the city’s affordable housing crisis or its lack of living-wage jobs. And critics are saying that’s because the city, which could have insisted that the developers’ plans include provisions...

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Four of 12 Council Candidates Say They Identify as Socialists

Williams emerges with DSA endorsement "... I have consistenly acted as a socialist in my personal life and as an elected official" Councilman, Cecil Bothwell Election quote from candidate and current City Council member, Cecil Bothwell. Consider this the parting shot as Mr. Bothwell loses the Democratic Socialists of America endorsement and attempts to discredit another candidate. What's...

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Boondoggle 2.0

Transit Contract Causes 2nd Overrun in a Month; City Dips into Rainy-Day Fund “Time flies when you’re having funds.” – Cecil Bothwell to Asheville Unreported, June 27, 2017 At its July 25 meeting, Asheville City Council voted unanimously to dip into the city’s “rainy day” fund to cover a $441,000 overage to the $850,000 transit allocation it had...

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Beaucatcher Blues

The ongoing war for the soul of Asheville’s pet mountain James Washington Patton had a flirty sister-in-law from Charleston named Charlotte Kerry, who encouraged gentleman callers to take her for strolls up the ridge to the east of downtown Asheville.  Patton teasingly began calling the mountain “Charlotte’s beau catcher.”  The name stuck. Beaucatcher Mountain from downtown Asheville about...

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