Non-Partisan Judges?

Last week, the GOP successfully overrode Governor Roy Cooper's veto of House Bill 100.  HB 100 made District and Superior court judicial races partisan, again. On Thursday, after minimal debate the state Senate voted 32-15 to override Cooper’s veto of House Bill 100, a measure restoring partisan designations on the ballot for Superior and District court elections. With Wednesday’s 74-44 override...

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Why Republicans Won

A big article on the front page of The New York Times has liberals shocked.  Apparently, Republicans in rural areas are aware of President Trump's budget cuts and would still vote for him anyway. “This program makes sense,” said Banks, who was placed by the program into a job as a receptionist for a senior nutrition program. Banks said...

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Democrats Torpedo 6th Attempt at HB2 Repeal

That headline seems almost unbelievable considering that is all Governor Cooper and democrats talks about.  The dude could be cutting a ribbon at a new nursery school and find a way to explain why grown men should be allowed in the nursery room girls bathroom.  He truly has a gift.  However, what is bizarre is every time the GOP...

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HB2 On The Clock

Apparently, North Carolina has been put on the clock... “I have confirmed with a contact very close to the NCAA that its deadline for HB2 is 48 hours from now,” said Scott Dupree, who leads the Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance, which recruits NCAA and other sporting events to Raleigh. “If HB2 has not been resolved by that time,...

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NC Democrats try to resurrect ERA

When the Democrats say old school they apparently really mean it.  In North Carolina, Democrats are trying to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment from 1972: Legislative Democrats held a news conference Monday to call for North Carolina to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, a 1972 constitutional amendment on equal rights for women. North Carolina was among 15 states...

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Liberal Group TRIES to Trash GOP Recovery

Another work week, another liberal attempt to smear the Carolina Comeback that the GOP has been leading since 2011.  Enter the  NC Budget & Tax Center: North Carolina’s economy is not creating the jobs needed to keep up with the demands of the working-age population in the state. The state unemployment rate dropped in February 2017 to 5.1...

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A Tale of Two Stories

Today is going to be interesting as two major narratives could shape the future of this administration.  First off we the kick of Judge Neil Gorsuch's SCOTUS confirmation hearing.  This was one of the biggest issues of the campaign.  It was also one of the reasons so many conservatives looked past Trump's many indiscretions and put their faith in him....

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Memory Loss

Is there a doctor in the house?  Liberals are increasingly showing signs of memory loss all around the state and I just hope it is not contagious.  In Sunday's News & Observer the editorial board claimed that the GOP's argument of tax cuts causing economic growth was a myth.  On Thursday, the Democratic party claimed the latest attempt at...

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Boots on the Ground

If we all can remember, this was the promise President Obama made about our involvement in Syria. In fact, according to USA Today, President Obama told us 16 times there would be "no boots on the ground in Syria."  The truth is by the end of 2106 we have had around 5,000 troops in Syria.  This in itself...

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CBO Numbers for TrumpCare

Finally, the numbers are in for TrumpCare and it's not awful, but it is not great either... Roughly 24 million more people would be uninsured over a decade if the House Republican Obamacare repeal bill is enacted, according to a much-anticipated Congressional Budget Office analysis that could threaten GOP hopes of getting the measure through the House in the coming...

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