MORNING CALL: 2 Billion Dollars

Now that the Amazon HQ2 decision is official we are getting details on the deal that made New York and NoVa the winners. According to the New York Times, NYC and NoVa will be providing 2 billion dollars in incentives, "Up to $1.2 billion of that will come from New York state’s Excelsior program, a discretionary tax credit....

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With everything happening in Florida it is hard to know where to even start. The ballot seems like a good place to start.  The Washington Post published a piece by two founders of the Center of civic Design and they explained the problems with the ballot, "We already know best design practices for ballots. In addition to leaving...

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Weekend Punditry 8/17/18

TV Front Row w/ Marc Rotterman Panelists: Mitch Kokai Senior Political Analyst for The John Locke Foundation, Rep. Ed Hanes Former State Representative, Morgan Jackson Partner at Nexus Strategies, Ben Ball the News Director for WTKF 107.1 FM Radio NC Spin Panelists: Anna Beavon Gravely Deputy State Director of Americans For Prosperity, Peg O'Connell Healthcare analyst, Chris Fitzsimons Founder and Executive Director of...

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No Clearance For You

President Trump has told advisers that he is eager to strip more security clearances, White House officials said.  Trump followed through on his rhetoric this week by stripping former CIA director John Brennan of his security clearance and announcing that others are under review. Trump has faced criticism from allies of Brennan.  Retired Navy Adm. William H. McRaven,...

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Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

On Wednesday one member of the state ABC Commission, Michael Herring, took his ball and went home. Not only was Herring mad at the audit he was also mad at Cooper.  Herring called the results of the state audit “fictitious.” He saved most of his criticism for Cooper’s lack of support calling it “and injustice to all the...

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The Road to Socialism

A new Gallup poll on Monday found that Democrats were more positive about socialism than capitalism.  Attitudes toward socialism among Democrats have not really changed since 2010, with 57% today having a positive view. The major change among Democrats has been a drop in capitalism, falling to 47% from 53% in 2010. Why is the is happening?  Miseducation is one theory. ...

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Oprah & Jenny McCarthy Strike Again

Oprah and Jenny McCarthy strike again! Thanks to airhead celebrity pseudo-scientists, way too many soccer moms have convinced themselves that vaccines are dangerous.  You would think with all these moms opting out of vaccines we would be seeing a massive reduction in cases of autism.  Are we?  Nope.  Instead, we get this, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

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The only thing President Trump loves more than grabbing women by the is an NDA.  Trump was found of Non-Discloser Agreements when he was running the Trump Organization.  However, having employees of a private company sign NDA and having government employees do it are two entirely different things The big question is, can President...

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Governors Jump The Shark

On Monday, the 5 living ex-Governors in North Carolina held a press conference to highlight their concern about 2 of the 6 constitutional amendments on the ballot in the fall. Some of the harshest rhetoric came from the former Republican Governors.  Jim Martin called the gathering “unprecedented” and referred to the amendments as “a scheme” that threatens the balance...

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Defense Budget Is Making It Rain

President Donald Trump signed a $716 billion dollar defense budget yesterday that contains so much money I'm surprised he wasn't throwing hundos at the audience just for fun.  The bill represented a 16 billion dollar increase in new money flowing to the Pentagon. Lawmakers say the bill starts the Pentagon down the path toward fulfilling the Trump administration’s national security strategy,...

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