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Plaintiffs exact promises from city in exchange for settling anti-bond lawsuit The plaintiffs in a lawsuit over the legality of $74 million worth of general obligation bonds have settled their dispute with the City of Asheville out of court. The case had been under appeal since last October but had not yet been calendared for a hearing. Retired...

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A Disenfranchising Democracy: Voting Rights for Felons

Guest post by: Matthew Oakley In the midst of a tumultuous election—one that shook the nation, and challenged many preconceived notions about our democracy—there was a portion of the population that had no real voice. The current sociological climate strives to suppress any discrimination whatsoever—and rightly so—but turns a blind eye when talking about a certain subset of...

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Signs of the Times in Asheville

The aftermath of a racially-charged beating shines a light on multiple other problems in one of America’s “Best Small Cities” Public Opinion Poles:  These flyers appeared on utility poles in various locations across Asheville on March 20, just hours before the city council voted to dismiss City Manager Gary Jackson "As public servants, we...

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Students, Embrace Your Rights. All of Them.

Today, thousands upon thousands of students are exercising their rights in a protest. Fully embracing the First Amendment, they are learning the power of speech, assembly, and petition. While some are admonishing them based on the content of their protest, I for one applaud what they are doing. In fact, they need to take it one step further....

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North Carolina and America’s Redistricting Problem

The battle continues to loom over North Carolina's redistricting process. In the most recent chapter of the saga, a federal three-judge panel struck down NC's congressional maps as a product of political gerrymandering. After being thrown out though, there isn't much direction on how to proceed, leaving things in limbo, ultimately waiting on a decision from SCOTUS. This...

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Room at the Trough

A Peek at City of Asheville Cronyism, Nepotism, and other Isms. Wherever there is government there are “isms” that tag along behind it like camp followers trailing an army.  These isms describe the various ways in which the crumbs and plums of financial, political, or personal gain that bureaucracy always generates are handed out as rewards or favors....

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OP-ED: Protecting DACA Recipients Benefits America

The following is a guest post by Lindsay Marchello. Last month, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the federal government will cease enforcement of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy within six months. However, for most immigrants eligible for the program — better known as “DREAMers” — this Thursday is the real deadline to...

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Skyrocketing Cost of the UNC System

If you're looking for a place to get a college degree, you'd be hard pressed to find a state system better than that of North Carolina. The University of North Carolina system carries the prestige of 17 campuses. Whether you're looking to UNC-Chapel Hill for liberal arts, North Carolina State University for engineering or science and math, East...

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