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Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

On Wednesday one member of the state ABC Commission, Michael Herring, took his ball and went home. Not only was Herring mad at the audit he was also mad at Cooper.  Herring called the results of the state audit “fictitious.” He saved most of his criticism for Cooper’s lack of support calling it “and injustice to all the served on the Commission over the past decade.”

Herring told the Triangle Business Journal that the controversial LB&B contract was actually good for the state and all the hoopla was “typical politics.”  Really?  Was it good for the state to lose over a million dollars a year?

Oh, and speaking of LB&B, Carolina Journal is reporting that the contractor company in 2015, LB&B paid $7.8 million civil settlement for allegedly abusing Small Business Administration financial program…

The U.S. Department of Justice alleged the company fraudulently obtained financial assistance through the Small Business Administration.

The Business Development Program for Small Disadvantaged Businesses, housed under the SBA, offers support to small companies in financial distress. LB&B sought certification under the program, falsely claiming hardship under one of its principal owners, Lily Brandon. Brandon qualified as a socially and economically disadvantaged person — but allegedly didn’t, as the company claimed, control operations of LB&B.

I’m shocked!  A company that was found to have misrepresented upcharges on North Carolina taxpayers also tried to hoodwink the federal government.  When Carolina Journal asked the ABC commission if they knew about this and spokeswoman Agnes Stevens says “The other business relationships that the vendor has are not matters that we would have any reason to know details about.”  Color me shocked once again.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.  And those who don’t google search a company before signing a contract with them is doomed to get fired.

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