I will never forgive President Donald Trump for this.  He is making me agree with Governor Roy *shiver* Cooper

In a letter to the Republican president, Democrat Cooper said escalating tariffs have already damaged the state’s pork and tobacco farms, and that manufacturers could suffer from rising steel and aluminum prices.

“While North Carolinians support a level playing field for exports, the tariffs imposed by the U.S. Administration and retaliation by trading partners seem to uniquely target agriculture goods that are the foundation of our state’s economy,” Cooper wrote. http://bit.ly/2uxzJz0

Anti-tariff peeps have been warning about the dangers of tariffs since Trump’s campaign,  However, it appears that the concerns are no longer theoretical…

The layoffs have already begun. The company now employs fewer than 400 workers, down from about 500 before the tariffs took effect last month. Temporary contract workers have been let go. Some permanent workers have left for other jobs, in anticipation of a new wave of employment losses or the possible shuttering of the plant.

“We’re in a situation where we’re fighting against our own country,” said Chris Pratt, operations general manager at Mid Continent. “It seems like a battle we shouldn’t be having to fight.” https://wapo.st/2mviaeT

The argument I tend to hear most when it comes to these tariffs is we should not worry because they are only temporary.  To which the only reply can be, how long is temporary?  This argument could possibly work for Europe or maybe even Canda but definitely not China.  China has already announced they will subsidize their companies, even more, to make up for lost revenue because of this trade battle.  They are in this for the long haul.  It is definitely possible that we will win this trade war eventually but it will not be a quick win.  This is going to get much worse before it gets better.  We might eventually get the W, but I’m not sure the hundreds of thousands of people who could be put out of work in the process are going to be celebrating.

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