The only thing President Trump loves more than grabbing women by the [word that rhymes with wussy] is an NDA.  Trump was found of Non-Discloser Agreements when he was running the Trump Organization.  However, having employees of a private company sign NDA and having government employees do it are two entirely different things

The big question is, can President Trump enforce these NDA’s?  The answer is simple.  Hell no.  Jessica Levinson at NBC News explains why,

This may be news to some, even some in the highest echelons of our government, but government employees are public servants. Let me repeat — they are hired to serve the public, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. They are also paid with public funds. And therefore, barring national security or significant privacy concerns, government employees should be able to tell the public — who they work for — about their service in government.

Mark Zaid, a Washington-based attorney who focuses on government and national security, says these NDAs are unconstitutional because of something called the first amendment, “The courts have been clear that any NDA that extends beyond classified information would be unconstitutional as an infringement of free speech.”

The only NDA that might be enforceable are the ones I’m sure he had campaign staffers sign.  A campaign is a private organization and so if Omarosa releases any recordings from the campaign Trump might have something.  Otherwise, Trump doesn’t have a legal foot to stand on.

FINAL THOUGHTS: If Donald Trump is relying on an NDA to stop Omarosa he has already lost…

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