This is not surprising.  These judges wanted to send a message and delaying the ruling delays the message…

The judges who struck down North Carolina’s congressional map for excessive partisanship that favored Republicans refused Tuesday to delay their order telling GOP state lawmakers to draw new lines by next week.

The denial by the three-judge federal panel was expected, given that the judges wrote 200-plus pages last week explaining why the boundaries approved two years ago were marked by “invidious partisanship” and are illegal political gerrymanders, violating several parts of the U.S. Constitution.

 The next stop for the GOP is the Supreme Court who they have already petitioned.  they might have some luck there.  What’s truly amazing is how bold and brazen the 4th circuit appears to be. They are aware that a ruling is forthcoming on partisan gerrymandering.  The high court has decided to hear a case from both Maryland and Wisconsin. The 4th circuit, however, doesn’t believe that ruling will impact their little ruling…

But the lower court’s judges — U.S. Circuit Judge Jim Wynn and District Judges William Osteen and Earl Britt — said the cases in the other states are different enough legally that their decision could stand no matter how the justices rule. For example, the Wisconsin matter involves legislative districts.

“Any decision the Supreme Court renders in those cases is highly unlikely to undermine all of the factual and legal bases upon which this court found the 2016 plan violated the Constitution and enjoined further use of that plan,” the judges wrote.

Talk about an ego.

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