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New Report: Higher Salaries for Higher Education

UNC Graduate

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently released a report diving into the compensation of administrators in higher education. While not topping the list, North Carolina represented well with quite a few high paid execs. Here are the notable ones from the UNC System:


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We hear so much about evil capitalists making so much money. CEO’s are vilified. But where’s the outrage for educators? It’s not just administrators either. While I was at UNC Wilmington, I found that there were more than 100 employees making six-figures. That was a decade ago and has grown since then.

The News & Observer went further into this topic looking at coaches, administrators, and other top earners. One particular part jumped out to me in reference to UNC’s Chancellor Carol Folt:

Folt did not receive the same type of stipend in 2017. She was seventh in compensation among a group of 11 presidents from similar public universities. On her own campus, Folt was paid less than basketball coach Roy Williams ($3 million), football coach Larry Fedora ($2.1 million), athletic director Bubba Cunningham (about $934,000) and two professors in the medical school. [N&O]

I get that Williams and Fedora make much more, since they are heading up nation-leading sports teams. Although sports salaries should receive the same scrutiny. However, what about the “two professors the medical school”? Folt makes $605K, and there are professors making more than that?

As a reminder, the average UNC System student graduates with $25,000 in student debt. Student debt nationwide has soared to nearly $1.5 trillion. Students are paying the tab for wealth “educators” who ironically espouse pro-socialistic policies and decry the evils of capitalism. The same capitalism that will be required to help those poor students pay off the astronomical amount of debt.

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