Some big developments this weekend in the 9th district.

On Friday afternoon, Congressman-elect Mark Harris announced on Twitter that he would be open to a new race if election fraud was, in fact, found in the 9th district race…

Early Friday night, The vice chairman of the Bladen County Board of Elections, Jens Lutz, has resigned his position, Jens Lutz confirmed his resignation to WBTV on Friday night, a short time after it became official…

WBTV also reported on Thursday, that a third group could be responsible for ballot shenanigans, “A review of absentee ballot covers for ballots cast in Bladen County in the 2018 general election show two people associated with the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC witnessed more than 100 absentee ballots.”

Michael Graff at POLITICO has a great overview of this entire mess while also pointing the sad reality that made the ninth district susceptible to it, “Out-of-town commentators have had fun with clips of people standing outside mobile homes in their socks, speaking in heavy Southern accents, but the sad truth is that regardless of how high up the fraud goes, the ground game is a portrait of poverty in America—people who need $100 for reasons that range from Christmas presents to opioid addictions going to the homes of poor and elderly neighbors who trust their ballots in the hands of strangers.”

And Micheal Blitzer explains what could be happening next with a new election, “After the NC State Board of Elections sets an evidentiary hearing and the professional, non-partisan staff presents its findings, the nine-member board, made up of four Democrats, four Republicans, and one unaffiliated registered voter, will deliberate and consider the evidence, whatever it may be. In their decision, the state board is authorized to consider two main options: certify the election, or consider a new election.”

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