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MORNING CALL: Silent Sam’s House

Yesterday, the UNC Board of Trustees announced their plans for the Silent Sam statue.  Let’s just say they if they had swung any harder and missed we would have felt the breeze in Wilmington…

The News & Observer reported on the plan, “The cost for the new building, which would have state-of-the-art security, is $5.3 million, plus $800,000 in annual operating costs. It would be at the Odum Village area of campus, which was the former site of married student housing. Odum Village is currently being demolished to create an area for future campus growth.”

Here I thought any decision they made was going to make either the statue supports angry or the protestors angry.  They somehow found a way to make both of them angry.  Congrats BOT!

The criticism was pretty swift, “Alyssa Bowen, a UNC graduate student in history, tweeted, “@UNC will be the only institution to ERECT A CONFEDERATE MONUMENT IN 2019,” adding, “It’s official y’all — a shrine to #silentsam at NC’s flagship school. White supremacy is alive and thriving.”

Supporters of the statue also didn’t seem to be on board with this new project, “Or, crazy idea, they put it back where it was, install cameras, and hand out felonies for people rioting and destroying it. A lot cheaper and would deter/correct entitlement behavior.”

“Based on this response, I sense another deadline extension in our future…”

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