It turns out that a redo in the 9th district would, in fact, include a primary election.

Contrary to the previous reporting, The News & Observer reported a new primary would be included in a new election, “A proposal that would require another primary in the 9th Congressional District if suspected absentee ballot fraud results in a new election won legislative approval Wednesday.”

The legislation would redo the complete election and change the BOEE, “The bill also splits the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement into two agencies, returning them to their pre-2017 condition. The change is meant to resolve a long-running dispute between the Republican-controlled legislature and Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper.”
WBTV reports that the state Board Of Elections is widening its probe, “WBTV Investigates has uncovered the North Carolina State Board of Elections is widening its election fraud investigation in Bladen County. At the same time, board chair Joshua Malcolm is making his case to judges to extend the deadline before the board dissolves.”

Where could the probe expand?  WECT Reports that it could be Colombus county, “About a third of the absentee ballots that were requested in Columbus County during the 2018 general election never got returned to the Board of Elections. That’s an even higher percentage of missing ballots than the unreturned ballot numbers that raised the red flags in Bladen County.”

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