With everything happening in Florida it is hard to know where to even start.

The ballot seems like a good place to start.  The Washington Post published a piece by two founders of the Center of civic Design and they explained the problems with the ballot, “We already know best design practices for ballots. In addition to leaving a blank space below the instructions and putting the first contest at the top of the next column, ballots should be kept to as few pages as possible. This not only makes financial sense, but voters are less likely to accidentally skip part of the ballot, and it helps lines move faster at polling precincts. Broward County’s ballot followed none of these guidelines.” https://wapo.st/2B3CzQ6

It should be noted that in Florida every county has its own rules and method of doing things.  This is why there is a complete lack of uniformity and so much confusion.

However, it is not just the ballots that have caused some problems.  Brenda Snipes has been the supervisor of elections in Broward county for 15 years.  They should not be proud of this.

The editors of the National Review say Snipes should be fired no questions asked.  Why?  Despite the latest debacle, she has already been reprimanded by the court twice this year, “once, in May, for illegally destroying ballots during the 2016 Democratic primary, in violation of both state and federal law; and again, in August, for illegally opening mail-in ballots in secret.” http://bit.ly/2RKZ3Lk

Things are so bad that even Politfact called Rubio’s attacks on Snipes and Broward county as “Mostly True.” http://bit.ly/2zN34aQ

The good news for the GOP is despite all these shenanigans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis are expected to win their races.  DeSantis first mission upon becoming Governor should be to fix this ongoing election problem.  He can stat by firing Brenda Snipes.

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