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In a shocking move earlier this week, the State Board of Elections chose to not certify the results from the 9th congressional district race.

Since then it has been a guessing game as it to what is going. Even the Bladen county BOE chairman doesn’t know what is going on.

Chairman Bobby Ludlum told WECT, “I have no idea what they were looking for, all I have heard are rumors…They keep that pretty close to their chest, what they’re investigating, and they don’t share it with anyone.”

WECT reports that the rumors deal with absentee ballots, “The North Carolina State Board of Elections is examining potential “irregularities” with absentee by mail ballot envelopes in Bladen County which delayed the board’s decision to finalize the results of a close U.S. House race in the 9th Congressional District.”

So what’s the big deal with the absentee ballots?  The concern deals possible ballot mills.  In Nov. 2016, McRae Dowless, a successful candidate for Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor in Bladen County, filed a protest alleging a “massive scheme to run an absentee ballot mill involving hundreds of ballots, perpetrated by and through the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC.”

Oddly enough, The State Board of Elections eventually dismissed Dowless’ protest citing a lack of substantial evidence…

“Wow, Democrats care about voter fraud.  Who knew…”

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