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A lot more is happening with the State Board of Elections besides just some craziness in the 9th district.

On Saturday, the chairman of the North Carolina State Board of Elections, Andy Penry,  announced he is resigning… http://bit.ly/2QaiVeo

This all started last week when Wake County GOP Chairman Charles Hellwig filed a complaint against Penry.  Hellwig Cited a state law prohibiting board members from making public comments supporting or opposing candidates and referendums.

In multiple tweets, Penry tweeted negative comments about President Donald Trump.  The President is a declared candidate for 2020.

Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the state Republican Party, called on Cooper at a press conference to “now clean this mess up” by immediately appointing a “seasoned, well-respected” replacement that both parties can have confidence in moving forward.

To add a little more fuel to the fire, the only reason there was a board for Penry to resign from is because of a superior court ruling on Friday.

The board was supposed to dissolve by court order Monday, Dec. 3 but legislative leaders learned the three-judge Superior Court panel handling the lawsuit will delay imposing its order until Wednesday, Dec. 12.

Carolina Journal reported that Phil Berger’s spokesman said the stay would be issued on Monday, “the court said it would issue the stay Monday. Lawmakers had asked the court to delay its order to give legislative leaders and Gov. Roy Cooper time to develop the structure of a new board.”  http://bit.ly/2QutubD

“I just want to congratulate North Carolina who some how found a way to make Florida’s BOE look sane…”

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