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Healthcare Reform Optimism

Despite the medias and everyone best attempt to paint the GOP’s plan to reform healthcare as DOA. It turns out the GOP may get along much better than anyone anticipated…

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) has already been working with Senate Republicans on what changes House conservatives could live with, knowing that the Senate bill will probably undo some cuts to Medicaid and perhaps a key amendment that brought conservatives onboard in the first place.

“If it’s moving to the left, we just need to make sure we’re not losing too many conservative votes,” Meadows told HuffPost on Friday. “Obviously it’s going to get more relaxed as it relates to the Medicaid expansion.”

This might be surprising to some, but it shouldn’t be.  When the Freedom Caucus was founded I was luckily enough to interview Congressman Meadows about the purpose of the House Freedom Caucus when it began and Meadows made it perfectly clear that they were not planning on being just bomb throwers.  He (meaning the group)  wanted to be at the negotiating table to help male legislation as conservative as possible.  This does not mean it had to be 100% conservative and I believe he has shown this with the AHCA debate.  It would be nice to pass pure conservative bills but in the current state of politics that is just not possible.  Therefore, as Reagan used to say “I have always figured that a half a loaf is better than none, and I know that in the democratic process you’re not going to always get everything you want.”

It’s better to move in the right direction than not at all.  Which is why Meadows wants to keep the momentum going forward as he works with the far more moderate Senate to get something that could pass the house and eventually make it to President Trump’s desk.  Many don’t believe this will be possible, but Speaker Paul Ryan is a believer…

“The legislation should not take that long. Hopefully it takes a month or two to get it through the Senate,” Ryan told Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.” “Hopefully it takes a month or two. Because we need to give people the ability to plan. The insurers are pulling out very, very quickly. And we need to show the insurers there’s a better system coming. Stay in the market.”

A lot can happen in two months but I think whether it is conservative votes holding strong or moderate votes joining the yes column.  Whichever way it happens healthcare reform has a chance and that’s more than anyone could say just 3 months ago.

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