Apparently, North Carolina has been put on the clock

“I have confirmed with a contact very close to the NCAA that its deadline for HB2 is 48 hours from now,” said Scott Dupree, who leads the Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance, which recruits NCAA and other sporting events to Raleigh. “If HB2 has not been resolved by that time, the NCAA will have no choice but to move forward without the North Carolina bids. The NCAA has already delayed the bid review process once and has waited as long as it possibly can, and now it must finalize all championship site selections through spring of 2022.”

The NCAA is not playing around anymore!  (Well, I mean, they are still a sports league.  So clearly they are still playing around in that sense).  The NCAA, last week, issued a statement on their approach to the HB2 issue here in North Carolina,

As the state knows, next week our various sports committees will begin making championship site selections for 2018-2022 based upon bids received from across the country. … Those decisions are final and an announcement of all sites will be made on April 18.”

My favorite part is when they say “those decisions are final.”  It’s so authoritative and so much BS.  If all their decisions are final and can never be changed than how the hell did they move the tournament games out of North Carolina?  In September of last year, the NCAA moved 7 championships out of North Carolina.  These were championships that were to take place months from the date they announced the moved.  If all their decisions are final how did they moved those games?  Apparently, their decisions are final until they’re not.  If you’re gonna act like billy bad butt at least show some sense of consistency.  It helps make the argument a little stronger.
 Even more ironic than the NCAA’s final until not final decision-making threat is the left’s love of corporate morality.  All of sudden the left is infatuated with corporations.  Be it PayPal, Deutsche Bank, or even the NCAA.  The left has decided big business says it is good they must oblige.  I’m looking forward to the left pivoting to regulatory restraint, ending the minimum wage, and a lower tax rate.  I can dream can’t I…
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