On Monday, the 5 living ex-Governors in North Carolina held a press conference to highlight their concern about 2 of the 6 constitutional amendments on the ballot in the fall.

Some of the harshest rhetoric came from the former Republican Governors.  Jim Martin called the gathering “unprecedented” and referred to the amendments as “a scheme” that threatens the balance of political power, adding “it’s embarrassing to me” that the GOP crafted them. Pat McCrory said if legislators want the governor’s powers they should have “the courage” to run for governor adding: ”Earn it. Don’t hijack our constitution.”

This Team of 5 has said they could take their message to the airwaves.  Martin said they discussed mounting a campaign that could include TV ads. They floated a figure of $250,000.

However, they didn’t jump the shark until they announced to supported the current Governor’s lawsuit.  On Tuesday the former governors submitted a brief in support of Cooper’s suit. In it, they said the ballot proposals “seek to destroy the separation of powers by misleading voters.” http://bit.ly/2w89Dmr

FINAL THOUGHTS:  I have no problem with them mounting a campaign, calling press conferences, or running ads.  However, calling these amendments unconstitutional is just intellectually lazy.

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