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ECU’s new $1.3 Million Dollar Mansion

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The N&O reported on a new Chancellor Mansion at East Carolina University. The price tag is $1.3 million, not shabby for a public servant of a public university, right? As Jane Stancill reports:

The ECU Foundation has a contract to buy a home about three miles from the Greenville campus. Real estate websites describe the 8,366-square-foot home as having six bedrooms and either seven or nine baths, and a five-car garage. Aerial photographs show a sprawling home on five acres, with a swimming pool and formal gardens.

The property will be the home of Cecil Staton, who was hired as chancellor in 2016 at an annual salary of $450,000.

Meanwhile, in the last decade, ECU’s in-state student costs are up 274%. There seems to be no responsibility for what students are paying. More specifically, the debt they are having to take on to just get a basic degree. ECU isn’t alone though:

In recent years, UNC campuses have moved their leaders out of historic homes to new properties. N.C. State built an 8,500-square-foot home for its chancellor with $3 million in donations. It was completed in 2011. Last year, the UNC Greensboro Endowment Fund purchased a house for the UNC-G chancellor for $1.65 million.

While the average UNC student is graduating with roughly $30,000 in student loans, chancellors reel in massive six-figure salaries and live in multi-million dollar homes. At ECU, they are truly paying homage to their Pirate heritage, this time the plunder is from the future pockets of 18 year olds with the ambition of a better life.

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