Tyler Cralle

Brace Yourself, 2020 Is Coming

Now that 2018 is over we can focus on what really matters, 2020.

A new poll from Civitas says North Carolina is shaping up to be a swing state…again.  When participants were asked who they would support 35% said President Trump, 36% said whoever the Democrat nominee is, and 21% said it depends on who the Democrats nominate… http://bit.ly/2DYJXiy

It’s clear that in North Carolina a large percentage of voters are making a decision not based on what Trump is doing but what Democrats might do.  This is not a smart decision for the GOP.

Jay Cost at The National Review explains why the GOP and President Trump need a new strategy, “[Trump’s] attitude seems to be that he represents a majority coalition within the electorate and that he need not worry about persuading anti-Trump voters to back him. This is simply untrue. He should worry. It may be the case that the anti-Trump vote will remain divided across multiple candidates, enabling him to win reelection in 2020. And the Democrats could nominate somebody so far outside the mainstream that Trump will win virtually by default. But this is leaving his fate in the hands of others, when instead he should be expanding his coalition.” http://bit.ly/2ShpPeB

Complicating matters is new data from Gallup highlighting Trump’s latest approval drop, “The latest survey from Gallup showed that Trump’s disapproval rating had shot up to 60 percent…While Trump’s disapproval rate has risen, his approval rate has dropped. Only 38 percent of Americans approved of his job performance…” http://bit.ly/2r4Po6O


Tyler’s Thoughts: Trump’s approval numbers continue to struggle despite the economy kicking ass and taking names.  I shudder to think what would happen if the economy goes south…

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