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Another Day, Another Protest

Democrats grass-root activists were out in force this weekend protesting Trump’s zero-tolerance policy of separating families at the border…

Crowds gathered in downtown Raleigh on Saturday to march and rally for families separated at the country’s border with Mexico to be reunited.

The event was part of a nationwide protest against a Trump administration policy that has separated more than 2,000 children from families seeking asylum at the border. N&O

There are a ton of problems with these protests. 1) Trump signed an executive order ending his policy 2) a federal judge has already ruled that the Trump administration has to reunite children with their parents in 30 days and 3) the protestors are attacking the wrong target. Protestors should be targeting Congress but because 99% of the protestors have no idea what the laws are you get nothing but Trump signs.

As bad the signs were, they didn’t hold a candle to the ignorance of the speeches. I only have to look to my own backyard for proof. WECT reported that one of the speakers at the Wilmington rally said “There is no difference between what (President) Trump is planning and our definition of a concentration camp,” said Rajendra. “Families in jail together in inhumane conditions is almost as bad as children jailed by themselves away from their parents.” Yup, separating families is just like concentration camps. The only way someone can believe this is if they are ignorant about the atrocities committed by Nazis or they know nothing about the current situation at these detainment centers. Now, it should be noted that some child detention centers saw rampant abuses of the child detainees that if you were gonna make concentration camp parallel that would be your best argument. The irony is those accusations came about during the Obama administration which makes those stupid Trump signs even dumber.

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