A Waste of Hard Work

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WNBA rookie, A’ja Wilson, is calling attention the income gap between WNBA and NBA players.  After the announcement that LeBron James signed a 154 million 4 year contract with LA Lakers Wilson tweeted, “154 million. Must be nice. We over here looking for a million, but Lord let me get back in my lane,” Wilson wrote. “And I love Bron not taking nothing away from him.”  She then told Ebony magazine that, “Women work just as hard as men, yet there is no concrete reason they are paid just a fraction for their work.”

No concrete reason?  Really, no reason at all?  How about 7.4 billion reasons.  According to reports, the NBA had a total revenue of 7.4 billion dollars while the WNBA had a total revenue of 50 million dollars.  Think that might play a role?  Unfortunately, so many people don’t understand capitalism.  People think hard work is all that matters.  I could go outside right now spend 4 hours digging a hold and another 4 filling it back up.  That would be excruciating hard work.  Do I deserve money because I worked hard?  Absolutely not.  It’s not how hard you work, it’s what you produce when you do work hard.  I’m not saying playing the WNBA is the same as a digging a hole.  But it’s pretty damn close…


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