Ep. 31 – The Era of Perfect Enemies


New Year, New Podcast. Will the Dems embrace AOC? Will the trash cans ever survive the government shutdown? Does anyone actually know what gerrymandering is? Should charter schools close to save mediocre education? Kevin and Tyler tackle these tough questions and more on Tavern Voices. Show Articles: AOC Articles - literally everywhere Government Shutdown by the...

Anti-Growth, Pro-Vote

“Over My Dead Body”

On Fox News Sunday, Rudy Giuliani was asked by Chris Wallace if he would let Trump talk to Robert Mueller.  His...

Anti-Growth, Pro-Vote

The Good With The Bad

Yesterday was a quintessential day in Trump world.  Very good news and very bad news. The morning started off great for...

Nothstine Talks Urban-Rural Divide

White Talks Consent Order

New Hanover County Commissioner Woody talks with Tyler about his opposition to the consent order focusing on how the order...

The Economy Looks Unstoppable…Is It?

Doubting The Downturn

If you were making investment decisions at lunchtime yesterday, you probably chose wrong.  The Dow closed up 34 points to 24423...

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