Ep. 21 – Probably Unemployed


What does the latest polling in North Carolina tell us about the upcoming elections? Do vandals need refresher courses? Should we eliminate our electoral process? Kevin and Tyler tackle these tough questions and more on Tavern Voices. Show Articles: How the U.S. can unlock the tyranny of the minority Alleged political sign theft results in misdemeanor...


Ep. 20 – Bane Capital

Has Tyler been boofing? Are the witnesses spoofing? Is California following the Net Neutrality fads while UNC blows money on...


Well, that happened.

Photo by Dr. David Marlin In Tryon, the much-heralded World Equestrian Games depart -- trailing mud, blame, and a lot...


Ep 19 – Almost Live

Do Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have the same trade policies? Does Google hate Trump? Will the courts let voters...


Ep. 18 – MAGA Coin

Is there an arrest minimum to run for Congress? Should Trump make a new cryptocurrency? Is prohibition as easy as...

Weekend Punditry in NC 8/10/18

Weekend Punditry 8/17/18

TV Front Row w/ Marc Rotterman Panelists: Mitch Kokai Senior Political Analyst for The John Locke Foundation, Rep. Ed Hanes Former State...

Anti-Growth, Pro-Vote

No Clearance For You

President Trump has told advisers that he is eager to strip more security clearances, White House officials said.  Trump followed...

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