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This morning on the show I came to the conclusion that President Donald Trump’s decision to fire Comey was less calculation and more impulsiveness.  Luckily, I was not alone in my opinion for long.  Ben Shapiro wrote about this on his website the

Trump doesn’t understand why that would implicate him personally, since he has never linked his fate with that of his subordinates. Trump was shocked and appalled that Comey wouldn’t simply come out and exonerate him, when he knew that Comey had no evidence of Trump’s direct involvement in anything; he was even more angry that Comey appeared to be fanning the conspiracy theory flames, even though Comey wouldn’t help him out with a bit of doubletalk on Obama administration wiretapping and leaks. So he fired him. Unfortunately, when you fire someone because they’re failing to clear you in a timely manner, it looks as though you’re firing them because they refuse to clear you at all. Thus the scandal.

Shapiro was not alone.  Matt Lews, over at the Daily Beast, had a similar conclusion.

The President will not allow anyone to take credit for his big victory. If you or anyone else tries to give you credit, you will be gone. This isn’t some big cover-up of some Russian thing. This is the president wanting sole credit for his victory.

BOOM!  Lewis hits the nail on the head.  This comes down to Trump absolutely hating the fact that he still is not getting sole credit for his win.  He doesn’t want the Russian investigation to go away because he’s afraid it will implicate him.  He wants the Russian fiasco to go away because he wants people to stop thinking Putin or Wikileaks.  In fact, you could even argue Trump fired Comey because one of the questions at his congressional hearing was centered on his role in helping Trump win.  That alone could be reason enough, in Trump’s mind, to fire Comey.

Lewis makes reference to Occam’s Razor.  A belief hat when it comes to decisions the explanation that is the simplest is probably the right one.  When it comes to President Trump I think that makes sense.  To believe the Democrats you really have to step out on the ledge.  The Democrats believe that President Trump as a private citizen somehow got in contact with the Kremlin and Putin.  He was then able to not only stay in contact but also coordinate the leaking of documents through WikiLeaks to hurt the Clinton campaign.  He and his campaign also had to do this covertly.  Under normal circumstances that would be difficult but we now know the intelligence communities were investigating that belief during the campaign.  Under normal circumstances, colluding with a foreign state would be terrifyingly risky.  Doing so during an active investigation seems downright impossible.  The Democrats now think Trump is trying to cover all this up and the best way to hide it further was to fire Comey.  Does that even make sense?

What does make sense is Trump firing Comey because he didn’t like Comey, Putin, and Wikileaks getting credit for his win.  During his business career, Trump fired people all the time.  It was his damn motto on his stupid TV show.  Not only did he fire people, he apparently did so very impulsively.  On many occasions, he was forced to hire people back because of how integral they were to his operation.  James Comey was not integral, he was expendable.  Was firing Comey foolish? Possibly.  Was it nefarious? No way in hell.

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