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Tyler Cralle is a founder and contributing editor of Tavern Voices.

The Tariffs & The Treasury

For weeks, many of President Trump's economic advisors and supporters have been arguing that Trump is using tariffs as a means to an end.  They said his goal was to get rid of all tariffs and non-tariff barriers completely.  Ramesh Ponnuru was not buying it.  He wrote last week that to believe this you have to omit alot...https://bloom.bg/2LVp2kz...

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Two Veto Overrides & A Lawsuit

On Saturday the General Assembly convened for a very short special session to override two of Governor Cooper's from last week.  Not surprisingly, they were successful...http://bit.ly/2vH3soW The Republican-led General Assembly wasted no time Saturday, Aug. 4, batting down a pair of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes dealing with constitutional amendments. The House voted 70-39 to override vetoes of both Senate Bill...

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Koch Fight

Last weekend Charles Koch, at his own 3-day retreat for donors of the conservative network he co-founded,  took some shots at White House... Billionaire Charles Koch on Sunday warned against protectionism at a biannual meeting of the conservative network he co-founded. “The urge to protect ourselves from change has doomed many countries throughout history,” the 82-year-old industrialist said...

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Education Reform & Resignations

NEW PLAN: Last week, Superintendent Mark Johnson announced a reorganization of the state Department of Public Instruction.  Yesterday he unveiled his plans...http://bit.ly/2KnYe6T As part of the reorganization, Johnson announced that there will now be four deputy superintendents, instead of just one, to oversee DPI’s different divisions. Johnson repeatedly said Wednesday that employees in different divisions are expected to collaborate...

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The Wrestler-In-Chief

Last week the New York Times reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was looking at President Donald Trump's tweet to find possible proof of collusion...https://nyti.ms/2KhYXXs For years, President Trump has used Twitter as his go-to public relations weapon, mounting a barrage of attacks on celebrities and then political rivals even after advisers warned he could be creating legal...

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Show Me The Money

North Carolina school districts are taking the state to court... In 2008, Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning ordered the state to turn over $747.9 million in civil fines that should have been given to public schools over a nine-year period. With only $18 million provided so far, the N.C. School Boards Association and 20 school boards...

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Making It Rain

Good news for American workers this week as new data shows wages grew at the fastest pace in a decade...https://on.wsj.com/2Kg4P3h U.S. workers received their biggest pay increases in nearly a decade over the 12 months through June, a sign the strong labor market is boosting wages as employers compete for scarcer workers. The Labor Department’s employment-cost index rose 2.8% in...

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A new report from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University finds that Bernie Sanders Medicare-For-All bill would cost A LOT of money...http://bit.ly/2NY2igm M4A would add approximately $32.6 trillion to federal budget commitments during the first 10 years of its implementation (2022–2031).  This projected increase in federal healthcare commitments would equal approximately 10.7 percent of GDP in 2022. This...

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Blue Gossip Matters

Late last week, Southport's Chief Gary Smith and Lt. Michael Simmons were arrested after a lengthy SBI and FBI investigation found they were operating a secondary trucking business while on the clock.  This was hardly the first and I doubt it will be the last in southeastern North Carolina.  District Attorney Jon David, in referencing the arrest of Chief...

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Morning Call on July 30th, 2018

NATIONAL  AM LINKS Koch Brothers distance themselves from GOP "divisions" and lack of "leadership" New data shows rich white people fled the GOP in 2016 Kevin Williamson explains trade deficits To Infinity And Beyond It might not have been 5% as some were predicting, but 4.1% growth in Q2 was still the best quarter we have seen since...

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