Solid Fiscal Footing

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported on many states unpreparedness for an economic downturn... That challenge exists across the country: Low unemployment has led to a recovery in state unemployment funds, but the recovery is mixed and incomplete. State unemployment trust fund reserves hit $55.2 billion last year, up substantially from $9.5 billion in 2010. Despite the rebound,...

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Crazy Dems are Back

Crazy Dems Are Back We talked about LaWana Mayfield's crazy belief that 9/11 was a controlled demolition last week.  Well, this weekend, she was on WCNC's "Flashpoint" and wanted to clarify that she is, in fact, a nutjob... Charlotte City Council member LaWana Mayfield apologized on the WCNC show "Flashpoint" for "the hurt and pain" due to her...

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Duke Monopoly

Duke is looking for some major coin to upgrade their grid and clean up coal ash.  Since they only make money charging consumers for energy, get ready for the rate hike... A $13 billion electric grid upgrade would boost Duke Energy electric rates in North Carolina well beyond the 16.7 percent base rate increase the company asked state...

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With Protests, Size Matters…Or Does It

I always assumed that when it came to protests size matters.  The more people at the protest the bigger the issue.  However, when it comes to an issue a certain paper has been instrumental in pushing it's more about the motion of the ocean than the size of the boat. Exhibit A.  The Wilmington Star News devoted half...

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Cooper wants your taxes higher

As if Governor Cooper couldn't get more out of touch with the average North Carolinian, he took one more stab at it. This time taking aim at the take-home pay of the average hard working taxpayer. "Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper wants North Carolina business leaders to speak up for public education funding by telling the Republican-controlled legislature to...

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Asheville, Durham BABIES-R-US Set to Close

Photo Credit: Google Maps UPDATE: Durham will lose both their TOYS-R-US and BABIES-R-US stores adding to the closures here in North Carolina. Asheville will soon be without their baby supply megastore BABIES-R-US. As part of its financial restructuring, the parent company TOYS-R-US recently announced they are closing 180 stories nationwide. We have now confirmed that this includes the...

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Throws Out Congressional Maps

Less than two weeks after the 4th circuit court ruled North Carolina's congressional districts were unconstitutional.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court made an almost identical ruling about their states congressional districts,,, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that the state's congressional map "clearly, plainly and palpably violates" the state constitution and must be redrawn in the next three weeks after...

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Thom Goolsby Talks Board Of Governor’s Controversy

Senator Thom Goolsby joined me on my radio show this morning to talk about the recent controversy surrounding the Board of Governors and a planned partnership between UNC Health Care and Carolinas HealthCare Systems.  He argued he had similar concerns that were raised by fellow board member, Tom Fetzer, about the legality and possible consequences of this major...

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ECU’s new $1.3 Million Dollar Mansion

The N&O reported on a new Chancellor Mansion at East Carolina University. The price tag is $1.3 million, not shabby for a public servant of a public university, right? As Jane Stancill reports: The ECU Foundation has a contract to buy a home about three miles from the Greenville campus. Real estate websites describe the 8,366-square-foot home as having...

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