Milo Out, Trump in

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Milo Out, Trump in

Changes started early this morning when CPAC announced that President Donald Trump would be appearing at CPAC this year,

This was followed a few hours later by the announcement that CPAC had rescinded their invitation to Milo Yiannpolous to give the keynote this year.

The ACU really had no other choice when news of the video in question began being discussed in the mainstream media.  To his credit, Milo even excepts some of the blame.  He argues his provocateur status, his sarcastic humor, and his past as a sex abuse victim would allow him much more leeway on a topic that is very sensitive.  It did not.

However, to go back to an early post of mine, why was Milo even speaking in the first place?  He’s not a conservative and, as Andrew Kaczynski at CNN pointed out, this video has been available for weeks.  The ACU saw dollar signs and tickets sales and decided booking Milo was the best bet for a sold out show.  It’s not entirely stupid.  CPAC has a lot of college Republicans in attendance and they are a big part of his base.  However, once again, the purpose of CPAC is to get the most attention by pushing conservatives.  As Charles CW Cooke argued, if the point of CPAC is the free marketplace of ideas regardless of conservative traditional then why not Noam Chomsky?

The purpose of CPAC is to promote conservatism with conservatives.  In the internet age, so many people are looking to cash in on the big soundbite and the latest controversy.  The ACU just found out what the downside can be to that game.  Let’s hope they learned their lesson.

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